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Welcome to the new blog.  We hope you will enjoy the information on this site as much as we will enjoy creating it.

All of us at milehimodern love design.  Whether that design involves sharing with you details about the coolest homes in Denver, the absolute best in modern interior design, or simply sharing news about the best in Denver dining, photography, artists works, furniture, industrial design, or events.

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The title of this post, Cool is all about the details, speaks to a fundamental of our business and the art of design.  Details matter.  Details matter in the architecture of your home.  Details matter in your interior design.   Details set apart the amazing from the mediocre.  So we pay attention to the details.

Cool is all about the details is also the title of a recent Denver Post article about milehimodern and Peter Blank’s approach to design and his own personal residence in Krisana Park.   We invite you to read this article and learn a bit more about Peter’s vision of design.  Here is an excerpt from the article…

You might expect Peter Blank, a modern-style devotee, to live in stark minimalism.

But instead, Blank, co-founder of the real estate company Mile Hi Modern, has a house that’s a study in smart space, distinctive finishes, organic materials and understated elegance.

This Realtor’s roughly 1,500- square-foot, 1954 California contemporary also mirrors the mind-set of a growing number of homebuyers. It follows that he worked in marketing and interior design before going into real estate.

Blame it on “Mad Men,” a consumer public reared on a steady childhood diet of ’50s reruns, the “green revolution,” or simple nostalgia for a bygone era. But mod is hot and getting hotter, as Blank will attest.

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