Dogs on White

Photography by Susan Goddard

When we think of the most important things in life the list is actually quite short.

Most would say their health and the health of those they love, their family, friends, the love in their life. And for those who have a four legged friend in the family that list almost certainly includes their dog or pet.

For those of you who have a loved pet in your life we wanted to share a visual artist here in Denver who has chosen to focus on capturing the beauty of dogs with modern and beautiful white background photography.

Susan Goddard, a Denver professional commercial photographer with over 15 years of experience began a focus on dog photography many years ago. After adding a Portuguese Water Dog to her own family she began practicing on her four legged companion before her commercial shoots. What she found was that while her furry test subject didn’t always give her the pose she was expecting often something better even if quite different. Every dog has it’s own personality and style. What Susan does is work with a completely white background to photograph and record the pure beauty and energy of the dog.

The photographs are wonderful. The white background brings focus to the dog and she has an amazing ability to capture those magical expressions and moments that you will always remember and cherish.

To learn more about Dogs on White and Susan Goddards work please visit or contact her studio at 303.778.2340.

Susan Goddard Photography creates dryer-fresh advertising, corporate and editorial imagery for advertising agencies, design firms, magazines and corporations, both public and private. To view her portfolio or to see a partial client list, please visit