Hello MHM fans!  Many of you have asked what Craig is up to these days!  Well Jump on in and check it out!

Craig is in Hawaii Building his Dream Modern House—I Absolutely Hate him!

For those of you who do not know, Craig Mayer was the Founding Partner in MHM and we Created the MHM Empire!  Craig and his Partner Rick had an Opportunity in Hawaii and they JUMPED right in!

I have been keeping his Desk warm in the hopes he would move back to Denver and help me with this Crazy Business—He has made it quite CLEAR—NO WAY!

Can you image?  I don’t blame him, the Bastard—He is growing on his Property Organic Vegetables and Fruits by the Truck Load, not to mention the access to Organic Farmers Markets and Oh-so-lazy-island-attitude-lifestyle!  Really?  and he wants this Instead of the Glamour of Modern Real Estate in Denver????

Anyway Craig is busy playing GC for his house—I have attached a couple of photos—His Infinity Edge Pool has been poured, (excuse me while I throw up) and the house Walls are going up—He hopes to be done by August/September.

His House, I hate to admit it, will be quite MHM Cool!  Concrete, Glass, Breezeways, Guest Wing (for me I hope!), Infinity Edge Pool, Gardens and Beautiful Vistas of the Ocean.

Craig is also growing and nurturing his own coffee and hopes to be producing his own Artisan Product soon.  Is there anything this man can’t do?

Hope you enjoy the Craig update—Stay tuned —-More to come.

Hawaii Home Construction

Hawaii Home Construction