Bike to Work Day in Denver

Bike to Work Day Denver

Today you may notice something special on this second day of Summer in Downtown Denver.  Just look around and you may notice a few more two wheeled commuters flowing through our city and on the many great bike lanes and trails.

That’s right Denver.. today is Bike to Work Day!

There are many reasons to love living in Denver.  We have over 300 days of sunshine.  Downtown Denver residents enjoy hundreds of restaurants, bistros, pubs and shops all within walking distance.  We offer all three sporting arenas and a Theater District within a short walk.

But one of the reasons that has been growing in importance lately is how Denver supports a sustainable living lifestyle.. and that includes our two wheeled commute.

Bike to work day happens once  year but many who call Downtown Denver, LoHi, Riverfront Park, and other great Denver neighborhoods home enjoy a car optional lifestyle 365 days of the year.  I happen to be one of those individuals who rarely uses a car (Mountain trips being the biggest exception).

Now while I admit there are times in the Winter that I have to bundle up with a few extra layers I have to say I don’t miss my car, the traffic, or the parking headaches one bit. Modern living is moving more and more towards a headache free lifestyle.  As our time becomes more and more consumed by work and the reach of technology taking back some time for yourself is an incredible gift.

It is such a gift that many new Downtown Developments are highlighting their car optional benefits in their sales pitch.  SPIRE is marketing a car optional lifestyle and they deliver on it.  With a location just footsteps from a Bcycle station, the light rail, the 16th Street Mall Shuttle, the Cherry Creek Bike Trail and a Connect By Hertz location on the ground floor living without a car in this building couldn’t be easier. In fact SPIRE believes in the car optional lifestyle so much that the developer decide to make parking an option.  For buyers looking for an affordable entry point in the Downtown Denver condo market removing the expensive cost of a parking spot is one great solution.

And that’s just one of the many bike friendly neighborhoods in Denver.  Another favorite Downtown bike friendly neighborhood is Riverfront Park and LoHi which enjoy access to the junction of the bike trails at Confluence Park and a number of bike/pedestrian bridges.  But in reality all of Denver is connected by trails and bike lanes… and it’s only going to get better.

Mayor Vidal recently announce a whole series of Bicycle improvements for Denver including new bike lanes and the completion of Denver’s first “cycle track;” a new bicycle facility that designates space for bicyclists off the street and adjacent to the sidewalk.

I love it!  Downtown Denver living just keeps getting better and better.

Just this week another resident of my building was asking about my own decision to go car optional.  They factored in giving up their car (aka no car payment) their auto insurance (which for them was roughly $250 per month) their monthly fuel budget (getting more expensive every day) and then renting out their parking spot (roughly $150 per month) and all of the sudden they were looking at almost a $1000 per month increase in disposable income.

I think they just got a new budget to enjoy more Denver restaurants, shows and events.

To learn more about enjoying the great Downtown Denver lifestyle please contact  And to all the bicycle commuters out there today for Bike to Work Day a toast to your pedaling and a thank you for such a beautiful day for it.

Oh… I almost forgot to remind all my fellow bicycle fans that tonight’s Denver Cruiser Ride theme is Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape. The Bicycle lifestyle may be smart and financially rewarding but that’s just a part of it. Don’t ever forget how fun it is too!

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