MHM goes to Broadway!!!

Book of Mormon

There’s a new top show on Broadway and it comes from our Rocky Mountain State.

With a passion for the art of laughter and an appreciation for creative pursuits I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to check out the new rave of Broadway with Trey Parker and Matt Stones’ musical “The Book of Mormon“.

Jetblue redeye flights, tickets purchased on ebay, and a huge dose of excitement led us to the Eugene Oneill Theater for a 3:00 PM performance of the “Book of Mormon” this past Friday.  I didn’t even realize our fortune to catch the show just days before the Tony Awards would give this amazing show 9 Awards in recognition of something amazing and special.

First.. this is truly a show NOT TO BE MISSED!  Who knew that it would take two creators from Colorado to remind Broadway what a great show is.

  • Great Music… YES!
  • Great Story… YES!
  • Amazing Designs and Stagework… YES!
  • Funny…. Not just Yes, but YES YES YES!
  • Talented Performers… Oh, I couldn’t even share how GREAT this stage team is!
  • A performance that not only entertains… but makes one think and reflect on the many messages… YES!

Can you tell that I absolutely loved the Book of Mormon?  I’m not alone.  Here is a quote from the New York Times

“The best musical of this century. So impeccably produced on every level. Heaven on Broadway. The Book of Mormon achieves something like a miracle. All the folks involved in Mormon prove themselves worthy, dues-paying members of the church of Broadway. A celebration of the privilege, for just a couple of hours, of living inside that improbable paradise called a musical comedy.”

I won’t spoil the plot, or the situation, or even a hint of what happens.  I will tell you that I trusted the growing word of mouth that had been building about the show and the ability of the South Park creative team to tell a story with humor… and with meaning.

We went in blind and walked out with an experience of laughter and some thinking… about the messages in the play but at how amazing the performers were in every aspect of their roles.  And while the Book of Mormon handled some very delicate subjects we still never stopped laughing…. not ever.

From the first song to the last and every step or dance in between the Book of Mormon kept us laughing and smiling!  This is a show not to be missed.

Which brings me to the some wonderful news.  The First city our Colorado native South Park team is bringing the Book of Mormon will be tour our very own Beulle Theater.

That’s right Chicago, LA, Miami… we get it FIRST!  Of course we still have to wait until 2012 but this show is worth the wait.    If you caught the performance of “I Believe” during the Tony Awards let me tell you… it just keeps getting better and better!

Downtown Denver is simply an Amazing city to live in and this win for our performing arts community is wonderful! After all, Denver has the second largest performing arts center in the WORLD second only to New York City’s Lincoln Center. Our Denver center is the Largest in the Western Hemisphere.

This town’s got Game! We just often forget. Maybe bringing The Book of Mormon to Denver first will not only entertain our city but also draw in those in the surrounding states. Denver just keeps getting better and better.

And of course, those who live in our amazing Downtown get to enjoy these shows and more mere footsteps from their front door. Residents at the new 42 story SPIRE are one crosswalk away from theater, arts and more.

Congrats to everyone at the Book of Mormon and kudos to Denver for being the first stop for the best musical of this century .

I couldn’t wait until 2012 to see this amazing musical, but I am excited to know that it will be here in Denver again and before it appears anywhere else. And if you simply can’t wait (like me) to see this show we opted to see the 3:00 PM show on Friday which left the entire evening to enjoy one of NYC’s amazing dining spots with a great glass of wine, great food, and one heck of a great show to talk about.

See the early show and then you can stretch out your evening, my tip of the day.

Contributing Writer/Photographer –
Mike Miller
Urban Brain Inc.