MHM goes to Telluride for Bluegrass

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Telluride Bluegrass Festival

When I announced that for the first time ever I was going to attend the famous Colorado Telluride Bluegrass Festival more than a few folks told me “I’ve always wanted to go”.

Well you should.

Denver is a wonderful city, and certainly one of the best cities in the country to live in.  Whether you live in an amazing Mid Century Modern home in Krisana Park, a glass and steel Architectural Tower like the Glass House in Riverfront Park, or a Cool and Stylish Historic Denver Square in Lower Highlands one thing is shared in common among all…

You all share the most amazing backyard with the Grand Colorado Rockies.

We all sometimes forget that.  In order to remember it was time to take a road trip across Colorado to one of my favorite ski towns.

First I should say that half of getting to Telluride is acquiring tickets.  Through shared conversations among the many attendees at this years concert one common concern was how quickly the tickets sold out.  Telluride Bluegrass may not have been a secret, but now it’s a high demand event.  Most thought it was the Robert Plant appearance scheduled for Sunday but I was more in the mood to hear some of the classic Bluegrass favorites like Yonder Mountain String Band and Old Crow Medicine Show.

Whatever the reason tickets sold out fast.  Tickets sold out faster than ever before and many were left trying to locate them on Stubhub or Craiglist.  Those poor folks had to pay through the nose to get their tickets and I was one of them.  We scored some tickets for Friday and Saturday before they really shot up in price and decided the full 4 day show (Thursday through Sunday) would be far out of our price range.

The milehimodern tip for the day… that’s all you need.  We loved being able to go into the show those couple days but we aren’t the type to stand in line all night to do a tarp run for a great spot.  Our recommended Bluegrass experience involves a morning hike followed by breakfast with bloody mary’s and then roll the dice as to where we sit at the show.  We even managed to sneak out for dinner in Town before returning to catch the night shows.

Who cares where you sit… the music is the magic and it is simply amazing.  You can’t help but be happy kicking back under a Colorado sky with the Telluride mountains and waterfalls in the background.  Telluride isn’t just about the Bluegrass.  It’s about an authentic mountain town with some of the most incredible hiking trails in Colorado.  The music, the people, the food, the town, and of course the Telluride mountains are all Amazing!

And I’ll tell you a little secret.

You can hear the wonderful Bluegrass music from the trails on the mountain slope across from the festival.  So if next year the tickets go up even higher and you find yourself out of your budget just go to Telluride for the hiking.  The music will follow on your heels and I’m confident you can stop somewhere along the trail and sit back for your own private concert with the best views of anyone attending the show.

If you are looking to go next year make sure to sign up for the Telluride Bluegrass email newsletter because those tickets will go fast!  Here is the link.

Here is a sneak peak at the running of the Tarps… when everyone takes off to try and get the best spot for the show.  J

Enjoy your spacious Colorado Rocky Mountain Backyard and mhm wishes you a summer of fun!

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