Squeaky Bean Departs LoHi to Welcome Occidental

Squeaky Bean

Do you want the good news first or the bad news?

Let’s save the good news for the end.

Sadly, the wonderful restaurant and cocktail magicians at LoHi’s Squeaky Bean have closed their doors on their 33rd and Tejon Location.  With some issues tied to the lease of their current location and problems with their $300,000 planned expansion owners Johnny Ballen and Josh Olsen, executive chef Max MacKissock, bar manager Sean Kenyon and the rest of the Bean staffers decided that it just didn’t make sense to stay put where they were.

But this is a team that only dreams bigger visions for their future.   This brings us to the good news.

First, that great location in LoHi that the Bean used to occupy will become a new venture for the team called Occidental.  Since the LoHi location had limitations in relation to the kitchen space and hood capacity (view the Westword article for details here) the new Occidental will focus on their mixology cocktail strengths and some wonderful appetizers that don’t require a more complex cooking area.

Yum!  This means that those great visionary drinks that the Bean team created and one of LoHi’s favorite spots will be alive with friendly conversation and laughter soon.  In fact the Occidental has announced plans to open their new venue to the waiting Denver audience next month in July.

Here’s how they describe the new Occidental menu (from the Westword Article)

“We’ll be doing lots of charcuterie, oysters, housemade terrines and pâtés, some vegetarian offerings from our garden and the farm, and a lot of different caviars matched with vodkas,”

We can’t wait!

And before we mourn the departure of the Squeaky Bean we have more good news… The Bean is coming back.

We don’t know where, we don’t know when… but the Bean team is searching for a new location to invest in for the Squeaky Bean’s revival.  The LoHi neighborhood is rooting for them to find a spot close to where they have an established base of friends and fans.   At the same time folks from Ball Park to Wash Park are rising up to bid the Bean welcome as well.

Everyone is trying to woo the Squeaky Bean to set up in their own backyard.  As a big Squeaky Bean fan I can understand why.

Wherever they end up I look forward to my visit.

In the meantime let’s all keep watch for the opening of Occidental and we can share a toast to LoHi’s newest culinary and mixology amenity.