1326 S. Elm Street | Krisana Park

Krisana Park

What Happens when you Mix Classic Mid-Century Modern Architecture with a Hot Shot Designer?  Come Check it Out!

Okay—Let’s take this Unassuming Krisana Park Mid-Century Mod House and Turn it Upside Down and Shake the Hell out of it—what’s left is the structure—barely!

This is what Designer Mitchell Weisberg did and then Introduced it to Modern Technologies, Materials and Smart Design.

I have to tell you, I am in Houses all day long and Fortunate for me, since I specialize in Cool, I get to see some of the Best.  Mitchell has Created some Interesting Concepts and Design that even Surprised me—and I might add not WTF moments,  but Inspiring and Thoughtful.

All the Houses in Krisana Park are based on Post and Beam Construction.  What Mitchell was able to Figure out, and Execute Brilliantly, was how to Eliminate the
Interior Posts in the Living Space.  Now Common Sense tells one that if you take the Posts Down, Guess what?  The Roof will Cave in—With a Structural Engineer, a six pack of beer or two, and a Massive Steel Beam the Magic was Created.  What this does is Visually OPEN the space like no other house in Krisana Park—Dazzling!

What I Absolutely Love about this House is the Amount of Light you are Surrounded by—-Floor to Ceiling Windows, Enormous Skylights, a Sexy Cool Courtyard and Organic Simplistic Landscape with Gorgeous Evergreens all Create Pure Pleasure!

Check out the NEW Video and call us for your own Private Tour!

1326 S. Elm Street Krisana Park