mhm in Zurich & IKEA Opening

mhm in Zurich

Where else but Zurich would you find a Street Side Mod Furniture Sale with such amazing pieces on display? Actually DWR is doing their own Yard Sale right now so I stand corrected.

mhm visited Zurich as part of the European journey and was amazed at how many Mod Furniture Stores lined the streets of this great Swiss City.  The purpose of the entire trip was a friend’s wedding but that left ample time to check out the many furniture exhibits throughout the city.

I tell you this… this city loves MOD!

Fortunately for my credit card balance, the exchange rate with the U.S. Dollar and the high cost of shipping discouraged me from a dangerous buying spree… but don’t think I didn’t begin thinking of ways to do an import export business.

A personal favorite was one of the design furniture display windows (pictured below) that offered a cube grid collection of miniature versions of many different design pieces.  Wonderful visual of different styles and themes.   Check out the miniature Eames® Lounge and Ottoman designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller® in the bottom left corner.  MODnificent!


Of course all of us at mhm love the study of Architecture and Industrial Design.  The mhm Resources section of our website offers a list of great Denver Interior Designers, Architects and more and we work with our clients to help in making their Dream home a reality.

Everyone has their own ideal vision and their own budget from a Smart Efficient and Sexy $125,000 MOD Home in Aurora to a  $2 Million Dollar AWESOME Oz Architecture Designed Home.

So there should be different options and budgets for Modern furniture as well.   Which is why we wanted to mention that tomorrow the new IKEA in Centennial will be opening it’s doors.  I guess IKEA realized, as we all have already, that Denver is simply the city to be in.

Perhaps I’ll even add a new Expedit bookcase as the one I acquired secondhand off craigslist has been overflowing for some time.

Cheers and happy designing!

Contributing Writer

Mike Miller
The Urban Brain