mhm visit Roma Italy

Photo by The Urban Brain

There are many things I love about traveling to Europe.

There’s the amazing dining experiences… one after another and ESPECIALLY in Italy.  There are the amazing sights to see, the beautiful historic architecture, the gorgeous scenery, the amazing paintings, sculptures, fountains, and art.

But any journey outside your home is also a journey of ideas.  It involves meeting new people, sharing new experiences, and learning about the culture and life where you journey.

So while sipping on my incredibly delicious glass of red wine, nibbling on prosciutto so fresh you can’t help but have more, and waiting for my homemade pasta to arrive I thought about how bicycle friendly Europe is.

Even in the most historic cobblestone bumpy street of Italy you will find the free bike sharing stations that are famous across Europe.

With Petrol prices inflated to discourage automobile use and traffic and parking packed beyond my comfort level I can see why the bicycle or feet are the best option.  If Europeans need more encouragement to use their bikes the option of a free bike share does it.

Best of all… Bike sharing stations are everywhere to support it.

When we think of Modern transportation it’s not the hybrid car that is the trend.  The true modern mode of transport is the bicycle, the train, or just plain old feet.  It’s about living downtown where you enjoy pedestrian and bike friendly access to your local restaurant.

Denver is on this same modern trend!

With B-cycle in it’s second SUCCESSFUL year and the light rail expansion starting with Union Station and reaching out from there Denver is planning to be an extremely car optional city.  Maybe our B-Cycle isn’t free, but it is well distributed throughout the city.

Downtown Denver residents in Riverfront Park, LoHi, Highland, Lodo and more enjoy the same pedestrian/bicycle friendly enjoyment of our city that most European cities embrace.

Now if only we could get our prosciutto as fresh.


Next we head to Zurich for my friends wedding.  All of you who love Modern furniture should plan a trip to this hub of design.


Contributing Writer
Mike Miller
Urban Brain Inc.