Studiotrope‘s Design and Architectural Team are Taking on Krisana Park with a Groovy New Interpretation of the Iconic 50’s Carport!

For me, one of the drawbacks of many Eichler-inspired Mid-Century Homes is the lack of a Garage.  Their standard carports have a beautiful airy minimalism about them, but as far as privacy and security goes, they’re for the birds!  (Literally.  Birds nest in them and poop all over everything.)

A client approached us recently looking to add privacy and security to her Krisana Park “3D Contemporary Style 2A” home built in the 1950s by HB Wolff & Company.   She wanted us to reference the original modern architecture, but bring it into the current day.

To do this, we extended the rhythm of the timber and beam construction of the carport towards the street bringing attention to the entry, as well as reoriented the main entrance by adding a security gate to face the street (the current front door faces the trashcans–wrong audience).

We also pulled the gate forward to create a small outdoor entry vestibule at the end of which is an opening in the roof and a potential water feature or planting.

We’re pricing it out now, but we’re planning to remove the hideous faux-wood aluminum siding added by previous owners and replacing it with an interlocking metal siding system and using Cumaru wood for the horizontal applications. We’re also streamlining the front kitchen window, lowering it to just above the kitchen counter in the interior, also creating a more inviting entry.  We’re replacing the current UG-LY gutter drain at the front entry with a classic modern chain.

A little old, a little new, but all classic!

Watch for the results here when project is complete!

Project Design by Joseph Montalbano, Architecture Principal

Contributing Writer for MHM Heather Mourer

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