mhm goes to Aspen

This past week I set my city life aside and took a trip into the beautiful Rocky Mountain backyard we all share as Denver residents.

My destination for this trip was Aspen on a mix of business and pleasure. Work consumed the days but by mid afternoon I was hiking the beautiful Aspen trails and by dusk we were all enjoying the many great Aspen restaurants and bistros. I expected this post to be a sampling of new restaurants but instead I happened upon something that was not your typical wooden rustic ski hotel. I found the The Aspen Institute.

With a booking on hotwire (you never know where you are going to be staying) I found myself staying at a hotel that was definitely not “Mountain Chic” but instead more Modern.

You really should check this place out.  The Aspen Institute (rooms are by the Aspen Meadows Resort) are HUGE with modern styled Architecture and furnishings (mostly).  The buildings on this small resort/think tank campus are inspired by designers, architects, and artists.

The vision and the modern elements start in the rooms but carry throughout the campus.  Photos from this great location are uploaded to our Facebook Page for your viewing.

It’s heavenly.. and there is a lot of good karma in the air.  The Aspen Institute is a great center for a number of positive movements.  Their mission statement says it all..

The Aspen Institute mission is twofold: to foster values-based leadership, encouraging individuals to reflect on the ideals and ideas that define a good society, and to provide a neutral and balanced venue for discussing and acting on critical issues.

Who knew a trip to Aspen would introduce me to this incredible location.  Although I have to say it’s a bit out of town (it is a campus after all) and best enjoyed in the Summer months when you can take any of the free townie bikes and enjoy a short trail ride into town.  And you can follow that trail ride up with a dip in their amazing pool and hot tub looking out to the mountains.

Often we forget how wonderful we have it living in the city of Denver.  Whether you live in a glass walled condo in Riverfront Park, a Mid Century Modern home in Krisana Park, or a historic Denver Square in Lohi we all share the amazing Rocky Mountain backyard.  It may be why so many choose to relocate to Denver.  It may be mhm enjoys working with our clients relocating to Denver as we get to share all the great reasons to love our city.

Don’t forget to enjoy it, especially as summer moves toward fall.

Oh, and those great restaurants I was going to write about… here are a few tips.

  • The Wild Fig was amazing and such a great staff.  The whole fish or fish in a bag should be ordered by at least one person at the table so you can all taste and the house risotto of the day is almost always a good idea.
  • When ordering at Cache Cache I asked for the Chef’s recommendations and was blown away at how great my meal was.  The rest of my table may have thought I was crazy for putting no restrictions on my meal but the Chef definitely picked his favorites… and soon everyone with me was dying to have another bite.  Try letting the Chef share their favorites once in a while and you might just be amazed what happens.