All of us at mhm love our Modern in Denver.

We often look at the best of modern homes, modern architecture, modern furniture… if it’s mod or mid century mod we likely have written about it.

Today the topic is something amazing that started just recently… modern in transit.

Just weeks ago the new Union Station Neighborhood light rail station opened up in the heart of this new Downtown Denver neighborhood.  This station will be part of a huge transit oriented hub for Denver and facilitate new access routes throughout the city along some amazing mixed use development.

My personal favorite will be the new rail line from this heart of Downtown Denver out to Denver International Airport.  For those modern living city lovers in Riverfront Park, LoDo, LoHi and the surrounding burbs this means an end to the traffic rush or parking mayhem (not to mention fees).   Imagine taking your next tropical beach vacation except it can start stress free from the moment you walk out your door.

Okay, that may be a bit too optimistic but I certainly will enjoy reading my travel guide for that next international adventure instead of sitting in traffic wondering how the whole city of Denver could be on the highway at the exact moment I need to drive to DIA.

This new transit solution is more than just convenience.  It’s about embracing car free solutions for people to reach their jobs, their friends, their activities right here in the city.  It helps the commuting worker relax in their train seat with a cup of coffee and the newspaper or the Rockies Fan who comes in for a night game and can adventure car free for their night on the town.

The modern transportation also infuses this part of the city with energy to drive new restaurants, shops, office buildings… and of course new Modern high rise or condo living.    We can’t wait to see the exciting architecture for this new Union Station Neighborhood.  It could also mean incredible things for the residents of Riverfront Park, LoHi, and Lodo.  It might just be time to learn about that new Modern Loft in the city you have always been thinking of.

And it all starts with a single light rail stop.

Cheers Denver!  A toast to the new modern transit center at the new Union Station.