Happy MOD Halloween from mhm!

Happy Halloween

Happy MOD Halloween Denver!  Last year I shared with you a photo journalism tour  from the annual Denver Zombie Crawl.

What… you say you haven’t been?  Well imagine hundreds (or could it be thousands) of Denverites dressed in their favorite version of the walking dead.  Zombies of all forms took to Skyline Park and the 16th street mall for this festival of zombies and zombie hunters.

Yes, I’m a bit of a geek at heart.

For my 2009 event I created my marathon runner zombie equipped with leg bone spur and bloody race number.  I like to think I was one of the more memorable of the undead that year.  But in 2010 I took to the streets camera in hand to capture the best of the best in the costume category.

It is NOT even close to as much fun to be a witness instead of a participant.  This year I’m going back to the event with a full embrace of zombie alter ego.  Oh.. I’ve drafted friends to join me too!

Halloween is simply an amazing time for celebration in our great city of Denver.  The MOD lifestyle of living downtown, from the heart of Denver with it’s army of Zombies to the rampant Gorillas taking over the streets of Wynkoop (and having an ale or two) take our city on an adventure.  And this year milehimodern has a calendar of events prepared for all of you.

Here’s what’s happening this MOD Halloween… and as an added bonus we would LOVE to see your costumes for these or any Halloween events.  Send them to us to post on our Facebook wall.  We are just dying to see!

ZombieCrawl from w1redone on Vimeo.

DENVER ZOMBIE CRAWL – Saturday October 22nd starting at 2:00 PM in Skyline Park
An army of the undead gather in the heart of Downtown for a World Record seeking celebration.  Don’t forget to bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the Food Bank of the Rockies (fyi, brains are perishable).  I recommend you come in full on costume but if you just want to grab a glass of wine at a 16th street bistro or pub with a view of the mall I’m sure you will enjoy the show.

DENVER GORILLA RUN – October 29, 2011 at 11:00am starting and ending in front of the Wynkoop Brewing Company – Not feeling like dressing up as a monster, how about as a Gorilla.  The Denver Gorilla Run isn’t just dressing up as a gorilla.  It’s about dressing up as a gorilla dressing up as something else and running a 5K (or walking it).  Need another reason to join in?  How about that this race benefits the Mountain Gorilla Conservancy Fund.  Oh, and you get to keep the Gorilla Suit.

HAUNTED HOTEL HALLOWEEN BLOCK PARTY – Saturday October 29th from 9 PM to 2 AM.  I really have never been to this one but apparently it is HUGE.  Add in a deal on a hotel room and you can spend the night enjoying Downtown Denver.  Here is a blurb from their site…

“Two hotels, one night $2,000 Cash Prize Costume Contest Join over 6,000 people for Colorado’s Largest Halloween event. Live bands and DJs will entertain you with a wide array of feel good mood music including Top 40 mash ups, dance music, hip hop, and dubstep from top Colorado DJs.”

OLD SOUTH GAYLORD HALLOWEEN SAFE STREET AND PET PARADE  – Monday October 31st – This is one of my favorite relaxing Halloween events that my Wash Parkian Friends always invite me to.  Relax and enjoy fun with friends on Old South Gaylord kicking back in costume while the little ones get a chance to have some holiday fun, costume contests, and even your furry friends can get in on the action.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD – Bug Theater Every Friday and Saturday through Halloween – How about kicking back to the classic live stage recreation of the classic George Romero Night of the Living Dead.  And as long as you are in LoHi take in some of the great restaurants, galleries and pubs in this wonderful neighborhood.

Do you love to be scared?  Do you stock your Netflix Queue with horror and suspense, curl up on the couch with some popcorn and wait to scream?  If so (or if the kid in you still wants to) don’t miss out on these local Denver Haunted Houses.

That’s my quick recap of a few Halloween greats… from Zombies to Gorillas.  Happy Halloween Everyone from mhm.

Contributing Editor

Mike Miler
The Urban Brain