The New Charcoal Restaurant in Golden Triangle – AWESOME!

Up until now the new MOD dining scene has been dominated by LoHi with such additions as Linger and Ale House.

Well look out LoHi, the Golden Triangle just stepped up it’s gastronomic game.

Denver’s newest culinary creation is Charcoal Restaurant at 43 West Ninth Avenue.  It is, simply put, AWESOME!

If you are trying to find it from the outside be careful you don’t miss it.  It’s sign is subtle and hidden compared to the bright lights of La Rumba next door.  Inside is a large spacious MOD decor with glittering glass bead candle centerpieces and Japanese Charcoal Stick flatware props.

It has all the things you would expect from a newly designed restaurant.. open exposed kitchen, glass illuminated wine cellar, and a great bar space.

While we love the MOD of the design… it is the food that truly blew us away.

Every dish was amazing.  You know how sometimes you go to a restaurant and there is one dish that everyone at the table raves about.

Well we raved about EVERYTHING. But we still have our favorites.

Our top mod picks to start off with (we had a table of 4) are…

  • Bacon Wrapped Dates  concord grape, flat leaf parsley – So good with the mix of sweet and savory
  • Chicken Liver Mousse   sweet pickles, grilled bread    – rich and delicious
  • Hand Cut French Fries   fines herbs, truffle salt   – I know this is an oldie but these might be the best in town
  • Braised Oxtail    – potato gnocchi, brussels leaves, parmigiano-reggiano – Recommended by our server and with good reason

And the entrees we shared, loved and can recommend are…

  • Grilled Colorado Lamb Two Ways  – t-bone, house made sausage, eggplant confit, tzatziki, red pepper jus
  • Grilled Cast Iron Halibut – beet carpaccio, wilted spinach, hazelnuts, caper brown butter
  • Grilled 1855 NY Strip Steak – sourdough onion rings, stilton crème, swiss chard, bordelaise
  • And a Duck Breast that was on the menu last week but now missing, so they must be changing it up regularly

Golden Triangle is one of Denver’s great real estate neighborhoods offering some incredible dining options.  The addition of Charcoal just gave it one more reason to consider this your home turf.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about their philosophy on wine.  Here is a quote from their website.

Wine should be drunk with every meal. However, the pretentiousness and often-stratospheric price makes, for many, wine a special occasion. At Charcoal Restaurant, you can have a flight, half pour, full pour or bottle at affordable prices.

Wine should be drunk with every meal.  It’s a philosophy I like and their wine list offers incredible sought out wines at affordable prices.  Although I’m assuming every meal doesn’t include breakfast.   I’ve been wrong before.

To learn more about all the MOD that Denver has to offer contact milehimodern today.  To learn more about Charcoal visit their website here.