Dogs on White has now Expanded into Kids on White!  Perfect Gift for the Holidays!

It was Bound to Happen.  Susan Goddard’s Business, Dogs on White,  has been so darn Successful Clients also asked about Shooting Their Offspring—with a Camera that is.

Susan has such Remarkable Talent.  She is able to Capture the Essence and Soul of her Subject and Beautifully Adapt them to a Stark White Background.  Striking, Bold and Playful!

Susan is Offering a Holiday Special.  $300 for a session includes 3 8X10 Prints OR $500 for Session with 1 3X3 Canvas.

Susan Photographed the MHM Team—Check us out.milehimodern: the coolest homes in denver

Check out and Susan can be reached at 303-778-2340.