Denver is one MOD city.

Over 300 days of sunshine,  a rocky mountain backyard, and The Denver Post just shared what we already knew… that the Denver Restaurant Scene is on FIRE!

How else can we brag about our great MOD city?  How about our incredible urban planning and design community.

Denver is the hub of some of the most incredible Architects, Designers, and Urban Planners found anywhere on the planet.  Which is why when it comes to discussing the future of Union Station we have some pretty smart and creative professionals weighing in with their thoughts.  It’s a pretty cool discussion.

The NEW Union Station Neighborhood will be nestled between the Hip and Modern Riverfront Park Neighborhood and the Cool Heart of Denver in LoDo.  Yes, it’s a cool spot.  It gets cooler.

Plans for this transit center include incredible street scape design, pedestrian friendly walkways, outdoor seating, urban art, and a mixed of hip restaurants, designer retail, upscale office and amazing residential.

What’s the holdup?  For one thing a HUGE decision is about to be made on the future of what many consider the most iconic architectural and historical building in Denver… The Union Station Terminal.

This cornerstone of the new neighborhood and the symbol of our city, the Historic Union Station Terminal, is now under a rigorous design proposal competition between two AMAZING development teams.

Union Station Alliance  with team members including Award-winning preservationist Dana Crawford has proposed a hotel and retail solution.  They have their proposal outlined on their website at

Union Station Neighborhood Company with team members including the East West Partner’s team that developed the incredible Riverfront Park neighborhood has proposed a solution including a market with office space, restaurants and retail.  They have a comprehensive proposal on their website at

RTD Board members have to decide the future from these two options… or perhaps something in between.  The Denver Business Journal outlined details of RTD’s process as they have moved back their decision to the upcoming December 6th meeting at the earliest.

Open a couple bottles of malbec and invite over your design aficionado friends for some very interesting urban planning discussions.  Architecture, transit, foot traffic, historic preservation, and financing are on the tips of everyone’s tongue in this debate.

The Denver Business Journal had a poll running for just one day to see what the public thought (and we expect a few of the team members as well) so we are posting our own poll here to continue asking the question.

What’s your Mod Pick for the future of our historic Union Station Icon?

Update to this post – RTD has announced they are postponing their decision until at least December 13th and the Union Station Alliance has modified their plans to put the Hotel Lobby on the second floor in response to criticisms.  Read more about this in the Denver Post Article “Group pursuing Union Station hotel says it will move front desk.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.