Zengo to launch “Al Lado” Wine Bar

Latin Asian Fusion = Zengo

Riverfront Park residents love their neighborhoods signature restaurant.

Zengo is famous as much for their cucumber mojitos as they are for their amazing food. As Riverfront Park grew from it’s initial three buildings (Riverfront Tower, The Promenade Lofts, and The Park Place Lofts) and LoHi began its boom other restaurants came on the scene. LoLa brought in great modern mexican from Wash Park. Vita opened it’s doors next door. LoHi Steak Bar opened to bring the neighborhood great turf while Sushi Sasa provided awesome surf.

The boom continued.

Linger transformed a Mortuary into an hip Eatuary. Ale House at Amatos and Denver Beer Co. brought us great ales. Williams and Graham took on the cocktail speakeasy scene.

Now the trend is blowing down walls.

Z-Cuisine blew down their wall to give us the A-Cote wine bar. Colt and Grey is breaking down their wall (and going a floor below) with Saint Ellies.

Now Zengo is jumping into the game with plans to bust down the adjoining wall and open the new “Al Lado” Wine Bar. “Al Lado” translates into “next door” and we can’t wait to see what the wine list of Latin-Asian Fusion influence will bring to us. Sake, Malbec, Tempranillo… and many more varieties are sure to give us a treat.

When will “Al Lado” become a reality… that is yet to be determined. For that we have to wait. But as of yesterday the Zengo added a number of great selections to their food and cocktail menu (Pomegranate Kumquat Caipirinha anyone) so why not stop by and check it out yourself.

As always… we will keep you posted as Al Lado become a reality. Zengo’s new menu additions are a special Shanghai-Sao Paulo tasting available until March 31st so don’t wait too long.

Just one more reason why Riverfront Park and LoHi are such Amazing neighborhoods to call home. Contact anyone on the milehimodern team to learn about Mod homes, condos and lofts footsteps from these great culinary treats.

Contributing Writer
Mike Miller