Last Chance to Win $100 to the Squeaky Bean

Denver leaves little to be desired in terms of modern visuals. From the MOD architecture sprinkled throughout the city, to the many of MOD art installations nestled between buildings, we see daily expressions of the MOD artists that populate the city.  To say Denver is MOD-friendly would understate the abundance with which you find it in this city.

Perhaps the best thing about MOD, is that MOD is what you make of it. With a city as rich in culture and art as Denver, there is plenty of inspiration to go around.

With so much modernity to feast your eyes upon, it’s time you took the MOD and made it work for you. Our photo contest, themed (you guessed it) MOD is almost over. Modernity prides itself on a level of simplicity, and this follows suit. All you need to do is upload a picture of anything you find to fit the theme and get your friends to vote for it. The winner gets $100 to the MOD spot Squeaky Bean!

The contest ends on August 31st so make sure you submit and get those votes rolling in, it could pay off with a nice, FREE, dinner.

Good Luck,