New Eats and Drinks in LoHi

There is no question about it, LoHi is buzzing with activity.

The outstanding variety of cuisines available make it any food lover’s dream come true. LoHi is arguably one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Denver.

With many existing hot-spots like Lola and Linger to draw a regular crowd, new restaurants opening in the area are guaranteed plenty of eager mouths to feed. The key is in delivering these mouths an experience they can not deny a second visit. The newest kids on the block, Eat! Drink! and Central Bistro have a lot to live up to, opening up in the midst of a culinary mecca.

Eat! Drink! is a triple-threat. Combining a cheese shop with an active wine and tapas bar, it offers a plethora of ways to please your palate. With a focus on paring great cheeses and accompaniments with wine counterparts, wine connoisseurs and turophiles alike will feel at home. You can even shop their wonderful tastes online at

Central Bistro is an American themed bistro delivering LoHi a taste of home. The menu is not overwhelming, there are under twenty items. The favorite tastes were the Raw Vegetable Salad and the CO Roasted Chicken Breasts. With a good atmosphere and exceptional food, it fits in just fine amidst LoHi’s other favorite spots.