Taste Spain, Next Door

What’s more Modern than traveling across the Atlantic ocean for Happy Hour? Though the physicality of it is probably unrealistic, the tastes of Spain can be enjoyed as close as Cherry Creek’s Ondo’s or Riverfront Park’s Al Lado.

Both restaurants focus in Spanish tapas and wine, and both have found themselves in the midst of areas of booming real estate.

 Ondo’s is bent on delivering the fine and unique tastes of Basque Country (Northern Spain) to Denver. Located in the quaint and refined Cherry Creek area, it sits among shops and draws a crowd with a brilliant Pintxos (Basque term for tapas) menu. It is clear that Ondo’s is dedicated to bringing Denver a splash of Basque Country. From their Conservas imported from Spain to a great selection of fine cheeses, there is little to be desired in terms of the menu.

 Al Lado, located next door to Zengo is the newest sensation from Richard Sandoval to hit the Denver area. Offering authentic Spanish tapas, it lends Riverfront the tastes of Europe with the comfort of next door. The extensive Latin wine menu is on par with Sandoval’s other culinary endeavors. Located in the heart of Riverfront Park, it’s a wonderful addition to the growing hub that this area is becoming.

Both Al Lado and Ondo’s find themselves with many happy Denver mouths to entertain. Whether it’s the quiet, tree-lined blocks of Cherry Creek, or the Modern mecca of Riverfront Park, you can obtain authentic Spanish tastes without the trans-Atlantic jet lag.

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