Art Walk on Santa Fe

September is winding down, which means that Santa Fe First Friday’s Art Walk is only a week away. The first Friday of October falls on the fifth, and with over sixty participating galleries, it is sure to satisfy any craving for art that one may posses.

For those unfamiliar with the art walk, it is a wonderful opportunity to see what your local art community is doing. Many artists display their work along the sidewalks and a multitude of galleries open their doors. If you arrive early, you are often welcomed into select galleries with wine, memorizing art and unforgettable music. The walk draws a large crowd, filling the sidewalks with paintings, poetry, music, food, and people.

It’s a monthly celebration of being an artist, and appreciating those artists in as rich a culture as Denver. Many galleries open the studios, so you can see in progress works and take a brief look at an artists processes and what goes into each piece. More often than not, the artists are there to speak with anyone willing to spark up a conversation about their art.

The walk lasts from 6-9pm on the first Friday of every month. There are many artist premieres, smiles and creativity to go around. This art walk is a perfect, free-of-cost way to spend the first Friday of every month. It is also another premier example of why Denver is one of the best cities to call home.