Film Series on Architecture and Design Underway

To anyone with an eye for MOD, The Denver Film Center is hosting a series of films that focus on design and contemporary architecture.

Following such known architects in the industry as Frank Lloyd Wright, these films look at contemporary architecture from the documentary standpoint, and each focused on a different architect in history and their impact on the culture of modern architecture as a whole.

Including an exhibition of architectural drawings at the Emmanuel Gallery on the Auraria Campus, this series is sure to quench any thirst for modernity you may have.

The event will include receptions as well as discussion panels with the directors of select films. To add yet another reason to check it out, each featured film being screened is a Colorado premiere.

It is not often that an opportunity arises to appreciate modern architecture in such depth. The series is a wonderful opportunity for anyone with a taste for film, modernity, and stunning architecture alike. Tonight the screening is titled “Modern Tide: Midcentury Architecture on Long Island,” directed by Jake Gorst. This film takes a look at the most influential postwar architects in New York, and even if you can not relate directly to names and structures in the film, the obvious influence on all things contemporary should be reason enough to check it out.

The series is underway and is a must see for anyone with a taste for superior architecture, art and design. If you need any information on modern dwelling spaces around Denver, contact your milehimodern representative today.