Denver Cutthroats

With the NHL lockout leaving fans in the cold, Denver hockey devotees are left wondering what their options are for the upcoming season. Lucky for us, there’s a new franchise in town: The Denver Cutthroats have arrived to compete for your hockey dollar.

Named for the state fish, the Cutthroat trout, and sponsored by the Ball Corporation, they were first announced in April. They mark the first time in 23 years that hockey will be played in the Denver Coliseum, since the Denver Rangers of the IHL played their final season in 1988-89. The CHL (or Central Hockey League) is the lowest ring of professional hockey: this is the league from films like Slap-shot and Goon mixed into one. The action is deliberate, the skill level is low, but the fights are everywhere. This isn’t the family friendly atmosphere of the Pepsi Center.

That isn’t to say they’re ignoring the Colorado Avalanche altogether. In fact, the Cutthroats are the lowest level affiliate of the NHL franchise. This doesn’t mean that top tier Avalanche prospects (like 11th overall Duncan Siemens) will be suiting up in the green and white. They still play in Juniors or with the AHL (American Hockey League) affiliate Lake Eerie Monsters. But if they can’t cut it in Lake Eerie, they come to Denver and the CHL for some seasoning.

They have been targeting former Avalanche players for their roster. Defensemen Kyle Quincy, recently traded to Detroit from Colorado, has agreed to play with the Cutthroats until the lockout has ended. Even if you are not a sports fan, there is no denying that Denver sports teams generate a staggering amount of revenue for the city.  The absence of a professional sport is not ideal for local business owners. The team will bring a lot of revenue to the local area as well as spurring a remodel of the Denver Coliseum, a small gift to the non-hockey fans out there.

Denver Cutthroats hosted their first game at the Denver Coliseum on Friday, October 19th against the Missouri Mavericks. Tickets for future events can be purchased by calling (303) 295-3474 or visiting