Lines Drawn Over Coors Parking

On Thursday, October 25th, City officials approved $13.7 million dollars for the construction of a new parking complex on 27th and Blake. The structure is designed to alleviate the parking problems that have been plaguing Coors Field and the Colorado Rockies as downtown spaces become fewer and more costly to rent.

According to the Rockies owner Dick Monfort, 22 percent of the fans attending the games live over 20 miles from the stadium. And with new sky rises coming up every year, downtown parking has become a premium commodity. But the garage is seen largely as a stop gap solution to the larger issue of congestion.

“We’d really love to create a win-win situation, but it’s not going to be here,” said Ray Baker of the Denver Metropolitan Major League Baseball Stadium District. Even among those who proposed it, the feeling is it isn’t going to be enough to alleviate fan’s headaches around finding parking.

The decision is being greeted by the community largely with disdain. Residents say the structure is unnecessary, particularly with R.T.D. footing the bill for construction. They also cite the amount of on-site parking available to the fans at the existing lot.

But a study by Patrick J. Henry, Senior vice president of Cassidy Turley (a commercial real estate company) identified 9,085 parking spots that weren’t owned by Coors Field in 2006. By 2010 however, condo and business interests had taken 4,365 spots. And more developments are planned. The stadium is contractually obligated with the Regional Transportation District to use the money to find replacement parking for spaces taken from other projects.

Although it has been approved, there is no information at this time as to when the garage will be opening, or whether it will be accessible to the public during the off season.