Tom’s Urban 24 Opens Tomorrow

Tom’s Urban 24 is set to open tomorrow, and Denver could not be more excited to welcome another 24 hour diner into the culinary mix of Downtown! The menu boasts comfort food with an urban twist, and ranges in everything from breakfast to late night.

The comprehensive approach to a 24 hour menu is downright impressive. What is also impressive is the focus on locally sourced fresh ingredients. Tom’s Urban 24 sources their ingredients from over 30 Colorado companies and produce farmers. It is also calling the corner of 15th and Larimer home. Located in the heart of downtown, the location could not be more prime.

And if that does not scream local-and-proud loud enough for you, they even have a hand-painted map on their website, displaying where each local ingredient comes from in the state. The map was rendered by Denver artist Tracy Weil.

Tom’s Urban 24 is also home to a staggering cocktail menu, crafted by the careful hand of expert mixologist Ken Kodys. Can’t wait to sip on the Jade Mary, made with cucumber vodka and tomatillo bloody mary puree.

Tom, the man behind the diner, is well known in the world of pop-restaurant culture for inventing the stuffed crust pizza for Pizza Hut in addition to developing the McGriddle for McDonald’s. He is also responsible for bringing America Smash Burger. With a pretty impressive resume, Tom’s next venture is set to wow Denver, starting tomorrow.

If this restaurant’s food is anything like their web page, then Denver is in for a culinary treat. Personally I can’t wait to try the “Colorado Calamari” or the “Urban Pho.”