Trader Joe’s is Coming to Denver and Boulder

The recent announcement of the planned openings of not one— but two Trader Joe’s locations in Colorado has lead to the generation of quite a bit of excitement among residents.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Trader Joe’s is a chain of grocery stores that carry difficult to find products and difficult to beat prices. They have long been known to boast low prices, great finds and laid back atmosphere, having their employees, which are referred to as “crew members” sport Hawaiian shirts for uniforms.

For those of you looking for unique ingredients and one-of a kind products like Coconut Chips, or a neighborhood grocer that offers their goods at great prices without skimping on the quality or the customer service, then it’s time to get excited for the two store openings planned for next year.

The two locations are to hit neighborhoods in Colorado that will likely be more than receptive to the quirky ingredients and amusing atmosphere, Boulder (at 1906 28th St.) and Denver (on Colorado Blvd. at E. 8th Ave) near the Montclair neighborhood . With these two locations, allegedly racing to open their doors next year, Colorado will have two options to get their TJ’s craving quenched.

Though the Boulder store will not be offering the wine and liquor that has become traditional at Trader Joe’s stores due to liquor licensing laws within the state, the Denver location will be offering  Two-Buck Chuck  and all the other Trader Joe’s favorites. The Boulder location, like any grocery store in Colorado, can carry the 3/2 variety of beer.

Though we still have a bit of time to wait for the store openings, they are sure to bring Denver and Boulder-ites a new grocery experience.