Walmart Backs out of 9th and Colorado Location

The former University of Colorado Medical campus will remain empty, as it has since 2007. The big box sales company Walmart officially backed out of the development on October 9th, although they would not give a specific reason why.

Resistance to Walmart moving in began as soon as it was announced back in April. The neighborhoods of Congress Park and Mayfair in particular mobilized to combat the development. According to a study conducted of the neighborhoods, 90% of the residents vehemently opposed Walmart taking over the space.

Red “No Walmart” signs speckle the sidewalks in these neighborhoods. Their concerns are varied; some worry about the people that the store would bring into the neighborhood, while others simply disagree with Walmart’s business practices.

However, the City and County has expressed a lot of interest in the deal. Indeed, the move would bring millions in revenue to the area. But the small businesses that dot Colorado Boulevard from First Avenue to Colfax were worried about the impact that the chain would have on their livelihood. Many feared the development would drive them out of the area.

The community has expressed interest in developing the area, but only if it is done the “right” way. And for them, the “right” way is blending the space between local and national businesses. Mayor Hickenlooper has stated that re-development of the area will continue. Plans for different chain stores and apartments remain unchanged.

This comes just weeks after Trader Joe’s announced their plans to move into the same area. As of now they have not changed their minds and will push to open next year, and the community is not protesting the proposed development.