Denver B-Cycle Program Enters Hibernation

As the days grow shorter, changes come across the streets of Denver. Lights come out, the roads grow icy, and the once prolific bicycle community retires to warmer confines. And as interest in bicycling drops with the temperature, workers will soon begin to pack up the popular B-Cycle program for the season. But for fans of the service, don’t be discouraged; when they come back in the spring, it will be with more bicycles and more stations than ever before.

For those unfamiliar with the program, it allows for bicycles to be rented at various stations throughout the city. The bike can then be ridden to any other station and returned. Although the program ran into opposition at the onset, saying it would turn Denver into a more European city, it currently had its 500,000th rider since it opened in 2009.

The last day of operation for the season is December 14th, and the bicycles are slated to return March 11, barring any weather disasters between now and then. People have asked if the program would consider being open for the winter, but at the moment they don’t have the support to upkeep the bicycles in the cold weather. However, they are opening the Boulder B-Cycle program for the winter to see the reaction from the public. If the response is favorable, they will consider opening the Denver stations for the winter as well.

Denver B-Cycle, run by Denver Bike Sharing, recently received 1.3 Million dollars from the city to fund an expansion project. The expansion will take place over the next few months and include the opening of over 30 new bike rental stations all around Denver. The neighborhoods where the program was most popular, Capitol Hill, South Broadway, the Highlands, and City Park are slated to receive most of these new stations.