Metro State to Build New Sports Complex

As CSU grapples with the surrounding community about the construction of their new stadium, Metro State University of Denver plans to build their own 12 million dollar sports complex. However, the community around Metro isn’t complaining about the construction. They’ll be able to use the site, slated to consist of tennis courts, baseball and softball fields, as well as a soccer field, as much as the students.

The site chosen, on Shoshone Street south of Colfax, just a few steps away from the campus, is currently vacant lots. It was collectively owned between the three schools that share Auraria campus: Metro State, Community College of Denver, and University of Colorado Denver. Metro recently bought out the other schools stakes in the land, giving the land currently used as their athletic fields to UCD for later construction.

Construction is set to begin in January. The grounds are set to open in three sets: Tennis courts to open in April, Baseball and Soccer fields, and finally the softball field and locker rooms. Separating the fields are tracks and paths for jogging. But there will be more connection to the community then simple pathways.

Metro has started talks with Major League Baseball and Denver Public Schools in setting up inner city baseball programs. They also plan to host NCAA conferences on the campus. It is also considered a big plus for recruitment for Metro State, giving the school a leg up over other area universities who are also expanding their athletic facilities. This will be the fourth building owned by Metro State outright.

It is part of a larger plan to differentiate Metro from the other schools that share Auraria campus.