Modern Retail and Design in Wheat Ridge

Denver yields some of the most ideal MOD living in the country. Mid-century architecture graces homes sprinkled throughout many Denver neighborhoods. These unique and beautiful homes are vessels to execute inspired, environmentally sound, MOD living.

This was the case with Pat Gooch and Jeanne Nichols, who purchased and restored a 1955 home in Wheat Ridge. The process was so inspiring, in fact, that the two opened up modmood and RETRO Consignment, also in Wheat Ridge.

The two establishments, even from the first passing glance are saturated with a retro-modern feel. Bathed in bright colors with bold font signs, they are hard to miss sitting along 44th Avenue near Wadsworth Blvd.

Both stores specialize in providing fans of all things contemporary with options for design, furniture and finishes. Living MOD means more than dwelling in a mid-century home. In many cases it’s an inexplicable draw toward simplicity and functionality. Modern living can inspire many walks of life. Sometimes it’s as simple as a retro chair or lamp to help bring the room together. In other cases, it involves using recycled materials or having an energy efficient home. Part of the joy of having a MOD home is in furnishing it. Whether it’s the retro feeling furniture that appears to have fallen out of the living room of a 1960’s home, or the amazing light fixture, it can be found at these establishments. No matter what exactly MOD represents to you, or how it manifests in your life, these two stores are sure to have something to offer the MOD lover in you, if nothing else than fine inspiration.