The Hive Closes, Making Way for the New

Nighttime hotspot The Hive was shut down following a fatal shooting on November 5th. The location, on 11th and Lincoln, is prime downtown real-estate, with a pretty big catch. The catch, the fact that the nearby neighborhood is on guard following a string of unsettling occurrences at the venue. The hope in closing the doors on this once lively destination involves a long, hard look at the potential and future of a neighborhood that has seen better days.
Workers have stripped the furniture and appliances begging the question: what is coming into the spot?
You don’t have to go far for the answer. Owner of neighboring Stoney’s Bar and Grill, Stoney Joseph will be leasing the property to turn it into a Cajun restaurant and concert venue. Although the question of what will become of the space is answered, Capitol Hill residents are feeling a little uneasy about life in their neighborhood at the moment.
The shooting came just a few days after Ryan Haldeman was fatally stabbed on his way home from the Pub on Penn, blocks from The Hive. The particular area sees a lot of traffic from both Colfax and Broadway, and the once quiet neighborhood is shifting. Homeless sleep in doorways across the street from the luxury Beauvallon Apartments.
The Denver Post brought to light some of the anxieties of the residents that live near the area in an article published last week. In the piece,  Margie Valdez, president of the Cultural Arts Residential Organization expressed her goals for the neighborhood, “we are trying to make this a walkable neighborhood. We want people to be safe here,” said But clubs such as The Hive or the now defunct Rockstar Lounge have been “a nightmare for the neighborhood,” according to Valdez. With the establishments doors closed, the neighborhood can look forward to a new, less violent future. The hope is that adding another venue into the mix won’t push the already growing issue, but instead act to revitalize an area that has undergone many difficult transitions in the past.