Aurora Theater to Reopen

January 17th is the targeted date for the re-opening of the Century Aurora 16 theater, where 12 people lost their lives in July to a crazed gunman. Cinemark, the group that owns the theater, has been renovating both the interior and exterior of the theater since the shooting happened.

And they plan many events to try to draw audiences back. On the opening weekend, they aren’t going to charge to see any films there. An opening night event with Governor Hickenlooper and Aurora Mayor Seth Hogan is planned. Cinemark has even renovated Theater 9, the ill fated theater where the shooting occurred, giving it a larger screen and new projecting capabilities.

The issue of reopening the site of those tragic events is a hot button topic among Aurora residents. Some are for it, stating that to leave it shut down is just a reminder of what happened. But there are opponents as well, saying that Cinemark should just pack up and find a new location.

But these concerns did not stop the renovations. Hickenlooper and Hogan both believe in reopening the theater, and that was all Cinemark needed to push through. That isn’t to say that they’ve thrown away all regard for the victims of the tragedy.

The theater will host an event for victims and their families from January 15-16, just days before the opening to the public. As of yet, they have not announced plans to build a memorial on the site. But with all the construction around the theater, and the emphasis on rebuilding the community, it is hard to think they don’t have something in the works.