Ice Rink open at Skyline Park

Though there are a lot of things that hibernate with the warmth of the summer, there are some elements of Denver that come alive in the Winter months. One such attraction, Southwest’s Ice Rink at Skyline Park, is a wonderful way to glide into the holiday spirit. The rink opened a few weeks back and beyond being a wonderful way to spend some time with a loved one, it is free to anyone who brings their own skates.

If you don’t have skates, don’t despair, as rentals are only two dollars! With live music on the weekends and lessons for beginners on Saturday morning, it’s an attraction that is sure to offer a little something to everyone in the family. The ice rink has been gracing Skyline park for three consecutive years, and the success only appears to be growing with time. The rink will be open till mid February, so you’ll have plenty of time to indulge in the seasonal fun.

For many years, Skyline Park (located at 16th and Arapahoe) was a quiet offset park, rarely used for recreation by the public due to it’s elaborate design. The demolition and reconstruction of the park caused a lot of controversy among the Architectural community, who would have liked to see the park preserved on account of it’s elaborate design. Ultimately, however, the city decided to reconstruct the park in an effort to make it more attractive to the public and easier to host events in.

Since the reconstruction, Skyline has been host to several great events throughout the seasons. In the summertime a film series fills the park. The Ice Rink is an indication that the loss of the architectural art that once resided at this park’s address was not in vein. The renovation has held up to it’s promise to make the park more approachable to the public.