Seafood Swine and Wine at Old Major

Old Maj

With the slogan “Seafood, Swine and Wine” LoHi’s newest restaurant has hit the scene with a rave reviews.

Chef Justin Brunson brings us a new twist on the American delicacy of meats and seafood. Swine, or course, is in the logo and a featured item from appetizer starters to the main delicacy in a restaurant that prides itself on bringing us “Farmhouse Cuisine – Honest and Upright”.

The Menu is broken down into 5 inviting options. Two of the five are your starters (YUM) and sides including some amazing duck fat fries. The remaining 3 are your core areas of the Farmer (vegetarian), the Butcher (Meats) and the Monger (Seafood). Don’t worry, they didn’t forget desserts but instead the team at Old Major gave your sweet tooth it’s own menu catered to 5 distinct treats to match every taste.

But it’s not just the food we loved.. it’s the space.

Being the real estate and architecture lovers that we are at milehimodern we first have to tell you… the design is COOL. Old Major’s location at the corner of 33rd and Tejon had some major interior design talent create a MOD yet warm and cozy space. From the wood rustic tables to the cool bar the space is Inviting, Friendly, and should be on your happy hour list.

LoHi once again has claimed a GREAT new Eatery to it’s long and distinguished list of dining amenities.

We want to hear from you after your first visit to Old Major… Tell us what your feedback and if you have a favorite dish or drink please share.

To learn more about the great real estate offerings in LoHi or throughout Denver contact the team today.