Unicorns and American History


Denver’s downtown theater district is really booming. The 14th Street project has created a beautiful walkable venue for outdoor patio dining, restaurants, bistros, and a morning walk. SPIRE and the new Four Seasons created hundreds of new high rise MOD condominiums that are now filled with life and energy.

All those new bodies downtown are enjoying the great food, drink and entertainment downtown… and starting May 31st there’s a new show that folks are saying is a Must See.

America the Unicorn is an original Comedy Sketch show performing at the Bovine Metropolis from May 31st through June 29th every Friday and Saturday Night. It’s about American History, there’s a Unicorn involved somewhere, and that sounds weird enough to attract our attention.

All of us here at milehimodern love to support the arts so make sure to add this little home grown comedy show into your to do list this summer.