Souther Hospitality LoDo Jun12


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Souther Hospitality LoDo


The new restaurant explosion in Denver is far from slowing down, and that gives our creative team at milehimodern a lot to sample and share.

Today we turn to Lower Downtown, where summer is in full swing and patios across the city are filled with diners and revelers enjoying their milehimodern lifestyle. In the Historic Elmo Hotel on the corner of 17th and Blake, Southern Hospitality Restaurant & Bar is bringing southern style menu items, great music, service and hospitality to Denver at a whole new level.
As you might expect, they have a strong strong strong focus on BBQ, but the recent buzz has been about the magic of another souther taste… Bourbon.

Southern Hospitality Restaurant & Bar offers Bourbon connoisseurs over 100 Bourbon’s and Whisky’s from around the country! From classic barrel aged Manhattan cocktails, handcrafted specialties, and many more Bourbon-centric concoctions this is one for those who value their spirits.

There’s another reason we wanted to share SoHoLoDo (Souther Hospitality LoDo) details this week. Father’s day is just around the corner and if you know someone who loves Bourbon or BBQ, this might be the perfect plan.

SoHoLoDo is throwing their First Father’s Day Bash! Dad gets 50% OFF His Meal, plus he can register to win a Fabulous FREE BBQ Grill!!

Not a bad way to say “Happy Father’s Day”.

Cheers Everyone.. more new restaurant updates on the way.