Tequila. It’s the spirit that has the most infamous reputation of them all. Many have stories from their youth (but aren’t we all young at heart) that involve this wonderful elixir of the gods. The call “lets do shots of tequila” rarely fails to invoke some feelings of fear and trepidation. But this blog post is about the wonderfully sophisticated world of Tequila that will be arriving in Riverfront Park courtesy of Richard Sandoval.

La Biblioteca de Tequila, a Tequila focused destination, is currently under construction in Riverfront Park. Richard Sandoval has apparently closed the doors on the Al Lado Wine bar and where once walls of merlot and pinot stood there will soon be bottles of silver, gold, and reposed.

This isn’t the first La Biblioteca. Richard Sandoval opened the first one along with Zengo in New York city. That is great news for Denver because we get the benefit of all the wonderful discovery that took place in NYC. If it can survive in NYC, you know it must have something good going on.

Reading through the New York website page we can learn the following…

The catalogue at La Biblioteca features 400 bottles, the works of famed haciendas, small batch distillers and artisanal producers. Blue agave-based spirits from Tequila are listed alongside mezcals and sotols from Oaxaca, Durango and beyond.

Just as mezcaleros have done for generations, we invite you to compare and contrast the flavors and textures imparted by age, terrain and the highly guarded techniques used by Mexico’s Tequila distilling families. Salud!

With a library card approach visitors will get a chance to track their progress in working through these many, many, many (400?) variations of Tequila.  I think this might just catch on like crazy.

Today when we wandered by there was brown paper covering the windows and doors so milehimodern can only speculate as to whether this change means an entire makeover from the Al Lado design or if you will immediate  recognize your surroundings walking in.

What we do know is that Tequila is about to get elevated to an entirely new level.  You might want to put away the salt and lime for this round.

Our milehimodern question for you… what emotion do you have for tequila today (before the blissful La Biblioteca experience begins).