DU Something Funny

Denver Comedy Writer and Filmmaker Mike Miller of Urban Brain Entertainment shared with us something new in the world of Art and Theater here in Denver. Mike’s a friend of milehimodern and his work at the Bovine Metropolis Comedy Theater has kept us in stitches.

This past fall Mike joined the esteemed ranks at the University of Denver teaching a new class he proposed and developed about Comedy Sketch writing. The students spend several weeks learning and writing various sketches from the many comedy genres and studying examples from the Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Saturday Night Live, and more. Their path in comedy learning culminates with not one but two sketch show experience projects. Students write, cast, direct, produce and perform their own Comedy Sketch Revue shows in their theater classroom. Students learn comedy concepts such as creating a comedy character, scene styles, creating a musical parody, and Improvisation.

Mike must be having the time of his life because he cannot stop raving about how wonderful these up and coming Stars are. Their love of comedy is now leaping out of the classroom and onto YouTube. The students of this inaugural class are taking their passion for comedy and learning to the world with their own online Comedy Station called “DU Something Funny“.

On this station students are creating their own version of a topical news desk comedy show featuring DU specific news and information along with their features of comedy digital shorts and sketches.

Mike shared that this is not an official University of Denver channel but “something the students have created on their own initiative to share their love of comedy”. He also said keep watching these talented individuals and to get autographs while you can, who knows if they will be future faces of Saturday Night Live.

All of us at milehimodern love to support the arts and we wish DU Something Funny good luck in their artistic dreams!

Visit and follow DU Something Funny Here.

We love to hear about enthusiasm for the arts in Denver. From the stage to the painters wall Denver’s Art and Theater culture is constantly growing and the idea of fostering the development and education of artists and creators is WONDERFUL. Denver is evolving. Our recent blog post discussed how Denver is a top pick for Young Adults and continues to be a place people choose to live. There are so many reasons why Denver is a great place to live. We have incredible weather, a Rocky Mountain Backyard, a growing transportation system, and a huge development process going on Downtown (Union Station, Riverfront Park, and more). But for many the heart of a city is in the Arts… and we have a renaissance happening!

Milehimodern salutes DU, Mike, and the creative students of DU for embracing and sharing their love of this art form with our city.