Thirsty Lion Opens in Union Station Neighborhood


Modern Hip, Fun, and Light Rail Friendly

Those are the words that describe Union Station Neighborhood’s new Thirsty Lion Gastropub and Grille.

Denver’s Union Station Terminal is heating up as everything from new luxury apartment buildings to high end eateries begin to share their energy in this HOT new Denver neighborhood.  This isn’t just a new Denver bar and gastropub…

It is THE pub for our new heart of transportation.  For those of you who have visited Penn Station in Manhattan you understand what an important role these cornerstone establishments serve.  Union Station will connect our city, from East to West and North to South, from the core of our city to Denver International Airport.  This is for most visitors the first experience of Downtown Denver they will have.  It is where families and friends can gather for laughter and friends can catch up before bidding goodbye from a long trip.

Don’t forget about our growing commuter population.

As our milehimodern city continues to grow and expand more residents are embracing a car free commute.  Whether they are coming and going for work or play, the new Union Station Neighborhood is a place for them to grab that morning cup of coffee or that after happy hour.

From what we have seen of the new Thirsty Lion, that happy hour place will be here.  The new Thirsty Lion space is HUGE with great community tables throughout and an inviting bar in the middle.  Open air kitchens show off the chefs as they prepare a variety of food, from delicious burgers that fans are already raving about to gourmet dishes for any palate.  The menu is large, but not quite as big as the expansive beer list.   Wine drinkers or those who love their cocktails won’t be disappointed either, the new Thirsty Lion has a great selection.

This inside may be awesome and inviting, but the designers may have scored even more points for giving us a huge outdoor patio on Wynkoop Street to enjoy our awesome Denver weather.

Go and check it out.  We did and loved it.

Milehimodern welcomes the new Thirsty Lion Gastropub and Grille.  Now we just have to wait and see what opens next!

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