Stoic & Genuine opens at Union Station


MOD Design, MOD Food

Denver has been waiting with eager anticipation for the new Union Station Terminal to open up and this week one of the first venues serving this great new facility opened it’s doors and it’s oyster shells to our community.

Stoic & Genuine Seafood and Oyster Bar officially opened this week to the public.  We got a chance to sample it last night!

Amazing, amazing, and more amazing would be an apt description.

First, you know all of us at MileHiModern have a healthy appreciation for design.  This space achieves MOD magic with uber high ceilings and  a mix of eclectic design elements by local Boss Architecture.  The space features two open bar seating areas, one exhibiting the ocean treasures from the menu and the other the spirits and libations.    There’s iron and wood millwork features throughout along with glass and designer artwork.

Woven between all the new design features one can see the historic skeleton of Union Station.  Columns from the original structure are open and of course the green canopy of the terminal is a feature on the outside.

Almost fittingly for a water inspired menu, the new Union Station water fountain display can be seen from the windows within Stoic & Genuine.  And if there needs to be any reminder that this restaurant is a cornerstone of the new Crawford hotel there is a glass wall on the upper level that shows the doorways of those second floor rooms.  I am guessing it will be difficult for guests in those rooms to resist stopping in for a bite once the see the food being presented below.

And that food is the second layer of MOD magic.  The features include a raw bar and crudo menu of oysters, surf clams, soft shell crabs, mussels, and various versions fish tar tar.  I tried the Big Eye Tuna version which came with the most delicious fried avocado slice pairing.  Delicious.

The major features that seemed to be flowing rapidly from the kitchen included the Lobster Roll, Crab Legs, and Split lobster dish.  A table near us finished with a full round of deserts I couldn’t place but will share that there were no leftovers to be found once that group was done.

I think Denver may have a new favorite spot for seafood deliciousness and one more reason to learn more about the great Downtown Denver lifestyle.

While we don’t know how long it will continue, they were serving a celebratory glass of delicious wine to everyone who was joining them for their opening week.

Stop in and Welcome Stoic & Genuine Seafood and Oyster Bar to the Neighborhood!

Stoic & Genuine Seafood and Oyster Bar

Historic Union Station
Denver, Colorado 80202
Phone (303) 640-3474