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DIA Mod Food Movement


Denver International Airport is Seeking 14 New Restaurants

All of us on the milehimodern team have been watching the exciting growth downtown and the rapid expansion of culinary creations by many of our chef friends.

So we wanted to share the newest opportunity to open a new eatery at Denver International Airport. If you have traveled lately you know that some of our best restaurants or putting second locations at DIA, including LoHi favorite Root Down.

It just makes sense. Denver International Airport, as quoted by Neil Maxfield, DIA’s acting director of concessions “Denver International Airport is the fifth-busiest airport in the United States, with more than 140,000 people passing through every day,”.

The new light rail expansion and track from Union Station is expected to continue the growth boom of our airport.

And that means that DIA want’s every step of your travel experience to be wonderful, including the food.

So to all our restaurant and foodie friends who have a great idea for a new location or expansion of their existing idea we wanted to share the news that Denver International Airport wants 14 new operators.

Pretty cool, pretty MOD, and one more reason we love living in Denver. Even our airport rocks!

Learn more here.