New York Bagels have Arrived


Rosenberg’s Bagels

So many of our milehimodern friends love to visit New York!  The Arts, the Theatre, and the energy always offer an adventure.  And those of us who visit regularly have a list of foods that have to be enjoyed on any trip to the big city.

That list of foods is often driven by the belief that New Yorkers do more than a few things really well.  One friend who recently visited shared her specific goals during her visit.  That list included New York Pizza, Chinese Food, and of course… New York Bagels.

There is just something about a New York Bagel that is hard to duplicated.  Some say it is the composition of the water, others believe it is a specific recipe, then there are some who believe whatever the magic element is… it will never be duplicated.

This Summer someone decided that a great New York Bagel CAN be duplicated.  And they decided to bring Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen to our own Five Points.  They studied the elements, even down to the chemical formula of New York water, and have been slinging Bagels and Lox to RAVE REVIEWS.

milehimodern checked out the new Rosenberg’s Bagels today and we agree… it is awesome.

The Bagels have the density and taste.  The lox and fish menu would make any New Yorker feel at home, with Scottish, Norwegian, Whitefish and more.  We only stopped in for breakfast but took note of the extensive list of salted meats and deli sandwich options.  If the goal was to bring a little bit of NYC to Denver, they have succeeded.

Cheers Denver, we have a true New York Bagel spot.  But go early or plan to wait. We tried to stop in on Sunday morning and found that not only is the food like New York, so are the lines.

Thanks Rosenberg’s Bagels and Delicatessen!  MHM is glad you are here.

Rosenberg's Bagels