modern obsession

milehimodern is Proud to Introduce the Most Seductive Minimal Modern House EVER!

First of all, Bow Mar is such a cool neighborhood. Located in Littleton it has its own private beach with all swimming, tennis, boating, fishing, sailing and fun stuff.

That is not what got us all hot and bothered though. Architectural Orgasm comes to mind! Embarrassing Really! We are sure the homeowner thought we were nuts but we could not stop drooling! In total AWE! Beauty, Peace, Tranquility and Pure! Seriously—a Complete Magical Experience.

Scott Parker with Nest Architecture and Cress Carter with Old Greenwich Builders and of course, the impeccable homeowners, KNOCKED this out-of-the-park. But here is the deal. It is simple in design and thought—rarely achieved. It is not fussy or complicated—but yet it f’ing is. The beauty of Brilliance!

No we are not High as we write this. We are excited for a reason. We wish we could buy this abode and never leave. One very very lucky family will be able to purchase this gem!

Visit this modern obsession here.

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