King Soopers Union Station Opening is the most talked about topic in the heart of Riverfront Park, Union Station and LoDo. Well, that and how Bike to Work day turned into Swim to Work Day.

I’ll just start of saying that we couldn’t find any official opening date listed anywhere. But we were able to swing by the new construction site and ask around. With jobs at the new location being filled, construction rapidly advancing, and residents moving into the apartments above the store all indications are the new King Soopers Union Station will be opening some time in July. Reminder, this is just our old fashioned Milehimodern guess work after asking around, so we don’t know for sure what day it will be (although one confident person said “July 15th”).

Looking in the windows it is clear that things are moving at a rapid pace. The counters are being put in place and it looks like shelving has been set up across the store. How long will it take to fill up those shelves once everything is done… apparently that’s the fast part with just a couple days or so needed.

This new King Soopers store is such a great addition make the Union Station Neighborhood and surrounding Riverfront Park, LoHi, LoDo, Ball Park and Rino now that much more walkable. If you want to live in one of the most walkable areas of Denver this is the spot to be. Not only is the new Union Station hub for light rail and shuttle line located here, it’s also an area rich in some of the best dining, entertainment, and shopping of downtown. The one thing residents hoped for was a grocery store. It looks like we are only a few weeks away from that wish being granted.

But it gets better. Not only is the new King Soopers Downtown getting close to opening, but a FLAGSHIP Whole Foods is under construction as well.

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Here are some photos of the new location as of today and post in the comments your guess for when the King Soopers Denver Union Station Official Opening Date will be.