A New Obsession for milehimodern! Harvey Hine, our Fabulous Architect Friend, Created an Iconic MCM Ranch in Hilltop!

Okay Fellow Modernistas – It does NOT get much better than this. Style, Detail and Simplicity Rule in this Sleek Seductive Abode. Mr. Harvey Hine has the Brilliance of Using Few Materials – and well we might add – to Create an Exceptional Living Environment.

Our Favorite is the Custom Concrete Block Construction. Floor to Ceiling Windows Appear to Slice Through the Concrete Block Extending the Indoor/Outdoor Connection. Your Eye keeps Going and there is NO Abrupt Interruption of Material Change. Genius!

Mesmerizing Architectural Detail. The South Facing Metal Fins, Clerestory Windows that Allow the Ceiling to Float, Museum Grade Drywall & Custom Lighting and a Rock Star Floor Plan Indulge the Senses.

For more information please visit here.