Today is the day! There was a line wrapped around the block (okay, maybe through the garage) this morning of excited Downtown Residents awaiting the opening of the new King Soopers Union Station. Being first has it’s benefits, so if you are running around that area when this post goes up head over.

Free coffee and donuts await you as you first enter along with a coupon book for free groceries. We can’t refuse some free groceries and the first 200 folks who check out get a free King Soopers bag filled with treats.

This is not your normal King Soopers. For our MOD food lovers who enjoy creating culinary masterpieces this is the downtown living amenity they have been waiting for. Fresh seafood (check), fresh meats (check) fresh vegetables (check) fresh cheeses (check – and actually a huge selection) and fresh breads (check).

During my shopping tour I picked up a marinated flank steak and some giant fresh water prawns. I haven’t seen fresh water prawns being sold except at my favorite seafood stores back east. If you want it, odds are they have it.

Now here is the secret I heard a produce employee telling a colleague… they ordered a huge selection for the opening weeks to see what sells. If this statement is valid that means the selection might thin down a little bit in the coming months to fit whatever is determined to be the Denver demographic. I just hope it is the fresh foods that are retained.

Denver is evolving. This grocery store (and the upcoming Whole Foods) are examples of how the heart of our city is a place where people live, not just work. Areas like Riverfront Park, Union Station, LoDo, Ball Park, LoHi, Five Points and Ball Park are filled with energy, entertainment, and urban life.

Welcome to the neighborhood King Soopers!