5435 East 6th Avenue

One of Denver’s Best Examples of Mid-Century Modern Architecture – Period!

Denver is not a City Known for Architectural Marvels. We are a Newer City, Relatively Speaking, and During the 40’s and 50’s the Rocky Mountains Favored more Traditional Style Housing Options. The Denver Bungalow, the Denver Square and Tract Homes. Oh and some Tudors for Good Measure.

Lucky for Us we did have a Few Renegade Architects that were Progressive and Designed some Amazing Residences. We are Fortunate to be Representing one of these Icons.

Located on Historic 6th Avenue Parkway this House is Simply Stunning. It is Always the House that you Drive Slower By. Its Always the House that you Wonder what it Looks like Inside. It is Always the House that Architectural Wet Dreams are Made of!

Why we LOVE it – Seduction by Design. From the Moment you Walk Thru the Front Door you are Grabbed and Smacked by the Genius of Extraordinary Design!

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