milehimodern is Proud to Introduce a Striking Architectural Home that is on the Market for the First Time! And Guess who the Owner is?

Welcome Fellow Modernistas! Where oh where has Craig Mayer Gone? For the Past Few Years he has been Building his Dream Home in Hawaii. Of Course it is Modern, of Course it is FAB, of Course Craig Hired a Rock Star Architect, of Course all good things come to an END!

Oh NO! Oh YES! Craig is MOVING back to Denver!

Craig’s Hot Shot Pediatrician Husband Rick got an Offer in Denver that he could not turn down. So Craig is being Dragged back, Kicking and Screaming, all the way. Give up Hawaii? Give up all that Organic Living? OMG—Craig has Nurtured 100 Heirloom Coffee Trees. Craig has Worn Shorts (or Nothing at all) for the Past 6 Years, Craig doesn’t know the Meaning of Tie Shoes or God Forbid a Snow Shovel!!

Well here in Denver, Friends & Family Welcome him back with OPEN ARMS!

Let’s get to business. Craig and Rick Built one BAD ASS Concrete Abode. Seriously Amazing. There is no indoor/outdoor Connection Really. It was Designed to be one in the same.

Stunning Views of the Pacific and Outrageous Gardens with Fruit Trees, Coffee Trees and Recently added Cacao Trees.

Oh—and a hard-on Salt Water Lap Pool to boot.

We have an idea. Craig lets switch. I will take Hawaii for the Next Six Years and YOU can have the Hustle and Bustle of Crazy Traffic, Crazy Deals and Stress! Oh yeah—and SNOW.

For those who do NOT know who in the Hell Craig Mayer is, HE is the FOUNDER of milehimodern! Yay! Without Craig we would not be Writing this Post, we would not be Selling Cool Amazing Houses around Denver and we would not be Dreaming of Moving to Hawaii!

Check out Craig’s 5 Acre Hawaiian Compound here.