We love to hear from our milehimodern fans when they travel; especially when they see something mod and majestic, which is what one fan experience on a recent trip to Switzerland’s St. Moritz during the World Cup races last week.

Switzerland Ski Resorts know how to do it right.  Miles and miles of beautiful ski runs cover the vast expanse of the St. Mortiz resort with one wonderful difference between our own Colorado Resorts worth noting…. the restaurants.

Switzerland ski resort restaurants are privately owned.  Each little restaurant, bistro, or cafe on the mountain offers it’s own unique experience.  Instead of cafeteria style service one can sit back and enjoy a nice buttery croissant and fresh brewed cappuccino brought to you table side as you glace out at the amazing swiss alps.

Check out these great pics brought to us from the Slopes of St. Moritz.  Maybe we can see a movement to bring a little of this magical touch to our own Colorado Alps.

Thanks to our milehimodern fan for sharing.  We love the solar energy panels on the gondola station, hopefully they power all those espresso machines.   We love the Mid Century Mod look of the peak top cafe.   We love the awesome views from this mountain top Swiss resort.

Congratulations to Lindsey Vonn, who took home a crystal globe from this year’s season finals.

Next time you travel feel free to drop us a line with your favorite mod pics.